GearBlocks is a sandbox construction game where you build all things mechanical: cars, trucks, cranes, lifts, planes, quadcopters or anything else you can think of. Want your car to have working steering? Build all the steering linkages and hook up the rack and pinion gears. Want it to have a functional drive-train with a differential? Put it all together with gears, axles and a motor.

Once you’ve made your construction, share what you’ve built with your friends, try out what others have made, and maybe learn a new building trick or two along the way.

Key Features

The game is still in early pre-alpha development, so many of these features are still in progress or not available yet.

  • Hundreds of parts to build with (blocks, wheels, axles, gears, motors and much more).
  • Intuitive and flexible first person building system.
  • Physics based mechanical elements that behave very much like their real world counterparts.
  • Damage system that lets you smash your constructions to smithereens.
  • Creative game mode: ultimate flexibility to build and test your creations, and then share them with others.
  • More game modes planned, will be announced soon.