Careless torque costs lives

Most recently I’ve been working on the gear torque transfer code to improve behaviour at low rpm with high torque loads.  These high torque situations arise when you build things like this fairly heavy 4WD truck or the walking creature that has to lift it’s own weight.  I’m finding it’s hard to avoid some gear slip without incurring stability problems (jittery rotations), but I’ve definitely made some progress.

Other than the gear behaviour stuff, I’ve fixed a bunch of construction usability bugs (mostly around how component orientations are aligned when joining components together).  I actually spend quite a lot of time just building things in the game, and seeing what issues arise, doesn’t take long before I find more problems to fix!

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that I need a significant reworking of how components snap together to really make much further progress on improving usability.  Before I begin this rather daunting undertaking however, I’ll be putting together a playable demo of what I have so far.