Belt up!

Wow, the past few weeks have been rough as far as productivity goes!  First my PC blew its power supply, so I couldn’t work for a couple of days while I was waiting for a new one and then installing it.  Then this week I was totally wiped out by a nasty cold and got pretty much no work done all week.  I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes, really frustrating though.

Anyway…I have now finished the pulleys and belts, barring a few minor bugs here and there.  The belt rendering is now done and working nicely, the belt automatically routes its way around pulleys based on how they are linked together, and seeing the belt really makes the behaviour of the pulleys appear more convincing.  Have to say I’m pretty pleased with how it all turned out!

I’ve also added a “pulley whirr” sound that changes based on the pulley’s RPM, and a “belt snap” sound for when the belt breaks (this happens when pulleys move too far from their original position).  These details all add to making the pulleys and belts seem “real”!