Dev update Apr / May – part 2

Linker tool

I’ve continued work on the linker tool, creating the first pass implementation of an indicator for it, this can be seen above with some pulleys (notice also the automatic belt routing, sweetness!)

I think I now have a solution for how to handle parts that have multiple linkable behaviours, but I need to start implementing it to really see if it’ll work out.

Resize indicator

I’ve added a new indicator to show the selected part’s bounds during resizing, this was particularly needed for parts that can resize along all three axes (e.g. sloped plates) to make things clearer for the user.


UI stuff

Up until now each part behaviour has had a specific pre-created UI with all of its elements (key bindings, sliders, checkboxes, etc.) laid out ahead of time.  This was very inflexible and made it awkward to add or change which user adjustable parameters a part behaviour exposed.  So I’ve now removed these hard-coded UIs and replaced them with a generic part behaviour UI implementation that automatically populates itself based on what parameters a particular part behaviour exposes.  This will make adding new part behaviours (and modding support!) much easier in the future.

I’ve also modified the world tool construction UI to allow for multi-selection, this allows you to select multiple constructions at once and perform an operation (such as delete, freeze, etc.) on them all in one go.