Glitch fixes, demo update soon

Last week I fixed a problem that someone found while playing the demo, player feedback is so valuable and always much appreciated by the way!  Here’s the scenario; the player deletes a jointed attachment (e.g. rotary, slider, etc.) between two intersecting parts, but the parts still belong to the same construction after the deletion.  Physics will consider these parts to be inter-penetrating, and if the construction is unfrozen, it’ll try to force them apart.  This can sometimes cause your constructions to jump all over the place like they’re possessed.  Here’s an example of the problem.


The solution I came up with was to keep track of the intersections left after attachment deletion, and prevent the construction from being unfrozen until they are resolved.  The player can do this by deleting other attachments until the intersecting parts are no longer part of the same construction.  Any unresolved intersections are now shown by a red cross as can be seen below.


I’ve also been working on a bunch of bug fixes, mostly regressing issues introduced by recent changes.  Another more serious problem was a crash that sometimes happened when quitting the game, the Unity error log didn’t point to anything obvious in my script code, and I couldn’t find any other devs on the forums having a similar issue.  After a lot of trial and error I found which version of Unity introduced the problem.  So I rolled back to 2017.4.2 for now, any 2017 version after this seems to have the crash (I haven’t tried any 2018 releases yet).  I don’t know what was changed that caused this crash, I didn’t find any clues in the Unity change logs.  After the next demo release, I’ll just upgrade to the latest 2018 build and with any luck the issue won’t reappear.

Speaking of the demo, I should be ready to put the next update out in a day or two.  I finally got my new video card today to replace the one the died, so I’m now able to do some final testing before the release.