Hey everyone, quite a few fixes and improvements have accumulated since the last demo update, so I decided it was worth releasing another one.

Release notes:-

  • Many optimisations to UI, overlays, and indicators. Improves performance especially with a large number of parts / constructions.
  • Minor tweaks to builder tool:-
    • Click and drag “threshold” now only applies to move manipulator.
    • Prevented dragging the part selection’s pivot point below ground.
    • Increased targeting distance.
    • Removed “Prevent Interpenetration When Attaching Parts” toggle from “advanced options” (still available in the demo by setting “PartPenetrationTestEnabled” to false in the debug console).
    • Added toggle to “advanced options” to disable the centre of mass indicator.
  • Modified control wheel part behaviour to check for player distance and facing direction.
  • Added option to light part behaviour settings for disabling shadow casting.
  • Implemented copy paste for part behaviour settings.
  • Improved part resizing indicator to show numbered unit dimensions.
  • Gear engagement indicators now shown for all gears in part selection when aligning.
  • Added settings to controls options to invert horizontal and / or vertical mouse rotation of the part selection.
  • Updated help UI screen.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Upgraded to Unity 2021.3.26.