Playing around in GearBlocks today, built an old tractor with working piston engine & push rod steering.

Made a six wheel dump truck in the game

My attempt at making a larger, more complex construction in the game.  The truck has four driven wheels through differentials and a tipping load bed driven by a motor through a gear reduction.  The load bed is only represented by a framework as it got too heavy when I attached plates to it, and would no longer lift (the gears would slip).

As well as being a lot of fun, building a model of this scale was useful in highlighting some issues:-

  • Gears slip under high torque loading.
  • Plates are a bit too heavy.
  • Odd bug where axles connected by hinges would sometimes drift from their correct location after adding / removing lots of other parts, and had to be detached then reattached to put them back in the right place.
  • Need more parts made from other materials, building a truck from wooden beams is a bit crappy!

An attempt at making a house in the game. There are gaps everywhere, the builders were a bunch of cowboys!

Building at night, by lamp light…

Made a dragster!  Hrm, think I definitely need to put some sloped blocks in the game…and other materials besides wood…